problem with pass blitz assignement

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problem with pass blitz assignement

I'm trying to make my CB 'pass blitz' from his cover position (inside shade) but instead of being close to his receiver, he is placed right in between the DE and DT. However, he is well positionned if he's in the 'rush blitz' mode. On the practice field, you can drag a player before the ball is snapped: so I did correct  his position and it does make quite a difference (between pass and rush blitz mode). But on the next play and/or on the chalkboard, my CB is 'stuffed' again between the big guys. Does any one have a clue?

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Re: problem with pass blitz assignement

shadking reacts to different commandd differently.

Shading on a rush makes you interact with OL, maybe a TE if he's in tight enough... otherwise

I would not use shading if you want a CB to blizt from his conernerback position.


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