Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get PlayMaker Football?

You can download PlayMaker Football for Windows, Macintosh or Palm directly from site. Just click the download button next to the appropriate version on our Software page.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch versions can only be downloaded directly from the Apple iTunes store.

How do I register my software?

PlayMaker Football for Windows, Macintosh or Palm is free to download, install and try. However, to unlock and use all of the features, you must purchase a key. Visit our Registration page in our Software section.

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Error Code 141

I am trying to register my software and I am given an error code. Also, I did not receive a receipt of purchase with registration code. How long will it take to have this error corrected? I do not wish to repurchase a second registration code.

Scott Marshall

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View playbook

Good evening im just wondering how do I get back to my playbook after I have saved it and just wanna go back to see the play where do i go

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