Numerous Problems

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Numerous Problems

For starters I am not exactly new to this game.  I had it way before the days of the internet when I owned a Mac.  I recently got it again for my Windows machine.  I am running v 2.3 for windows.  I have a 900 Mhz Pentium 4 with about a GB of Ram using Windows 2000 professional.  My problems:

1) The game always eats up 100% of my processor.  This seems odd for such a basically simple game without fancy graphics.  If I leave it while a game is in play the game always ends up "not responding" and I have to close the game down.  This problem is not a deal killer but it sure is a pain in the arse.  It certainly makes multi-tasking impossible though.

2) The AI is wanked at times.  For instance I might have a play that is configured to run ONLY on a 1st,2nd, or 3rd downs and only for downs that are 10 yards or longer and it will call the play on a 2nd and 2.  Stuff like that happens all the time and it is not because there is no other play to call at that point.  If anything I have way to many plays. 

3) I have instances during a game where a 2nd or 3rd receiver has been given a Pass/Hook instruction, a simple and short one within a few yards of the quarterback.  He is to go a few yards and wait for a pass (not a timed pass).  Well he never stops or even hesitates and ends up running clear off the screen.  This is NOT because of the side of the field either. 

Any ideas or patches for these bugs?  It is ia drag to spend time making good plays and AI only to have the game do what it wants and ignore the play instructions and AI :-(


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Re: Numerous Problems

I recommend trying out 2.4 for PC as other fixes have been done.  But I have used the PC version for a long time and not had these problems that you mention.

1. I have never had problems with PMFB eating up memory on a PC using both windows 95 and XP.  In fact, I've had cases with it open 3 times at once.  Not sure why you are having that problem.

2.  If there is no play with the appropriate AI to call then what is the game supposed to do?  Calling a random play seems logical to me and definitely not a bug.  Easiest fix is to make sure AI is available for every situation.

3. There are 2 different catch commands.  "Get open" and "hook".  With get open the WR will run his route then try and get open.  By your description that is what the WR is doing.  With hook the WR will run his route and then just stop cold.  That should be the command to use.

Good luck getting it working correctly.

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Re: Numerous Problems


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