Wanted: A Good Play Designer Who's A Little Bored

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Wanted: A Good Play Designer Who's A Little Bored


This request is going to sound a little funny, but I do explain things as I go.  Bare with me.

I need a coach, someone who isn't necessarily the best coach in all of Playmaker history, but one who can stay somewhat competitive, who may be a little on the bored side.  What I want that coach to do is make a butt-load of plays, both offensive and defensive, which I can use in a league that will be simulated using Playmaker football.

I run my own website (LimeFlavored.com) and I've been attempting to start a league which is 100% fictional (no real players, coaches or teams).  I am horrible at creating plays and I need help.

I've been a past member of the WFL (3 games; Gamblers HC) and thrice a member of the USFA (Rattlers DC, Skyliners HC, Knights DC none for longer than 3 games) and I've been shown my hiney on every single occasion.  I want to sincerely apologize to those two leagues for having to dump on them, I've always been swamped with stuff to do real world which has prevented me from really getting into the game properly.  Of course, it never happens before I'm all set up and ready to roll.

So, anyone willing to create (or give me old) plays would be greatly appreciated.  I will NOT share these plays with anyone, modify them, use them without permission in a league (I can't keep up with a league anyway) or in any way compromise the integrity of the supplying coach's playbook.  They would be entirely for my own use to simulate the league which I explained above.

My general idea is to have all the plays that are in the Madden games (well, a lot of).  That would be a good place to start, if anyone is interested.

If you are willing to help, please email me at ekseraph@bis.midco.net.  I will attempt to check this board again, but I may not make it back.

Thank you.

Dustin Allen