Newbie Questions re: hand-offs

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Newbie Questions re: hand-offs

I can't seem to get my QB to make a hand-off... I am trying to diagram a double wing play...

So the Left Wing (LW) is lined up one yd past and one yd deep from TE.  The FB is playing sniffer to the QB.

The LW's path takes him where the FB was lined up and then to the off-tackle hole on the right side of the line.

I am drawing the QB to come back to meet the path of the LW and then I click on the handoff icon (tried it both directions) and he just won't make the hand off... what am I missing?

Coach Patrick

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Re: Newbie Questions re: hand-offs

When you say "I click on the handoff icon (tried it both directions)" it makes me think you're assigning the Fake Handoff and Fake Pass commands instead.  Is that possible.  The button that looks like [img]  If so, you should be using the "Transfer Ball" button that looks like [img] instead.  You can also check the User Guide for more information about both of these commands.

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Re: Newbie Questions re: hand-offs

Also, once you click on the transfer ball button, you might want to then click exactly where you want the ball transferred to...


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