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Comments and a request

Some comments and request for PMFB.

Comments first, regarding the PMFB v2.4 windows version.

I downloaded it from the web site, installed it no problem. Initially when I tried running a game it failed, not giving any specific reason. I just retried it, and it worked. Could it possibly be that PBs with extra "." in them would cause a failure? What I used this time was a generic PB named exactly as the team name.

ie - Penn State N8.14.fbp as opposed to Penn State.fbp

Also, what method is usable by the PC version to move the OC? They have no Command key, their documentation cites using that key (doesn't exist on their keyboard).

The request.

I had asked for this previously, but since most of the current work was commonizing the libraries and adding a few things to the Mac side it was not on the "to do" list.

PMFB uses the same assignment to pass or handoff. The only problem is that some laterals as well as some forward handoffs get miscalled by the program.

Why can't we have a separate handoff/lateral assignment that makes it unique for a running play.

It would also solve another nagging problem of coaches who change a play leaving the play type as pass but making it a run, or vice versa.

No, it doesn't blow up my PB checker, which is coming along nicely. It cannot determine what play type it is except for the field in the play's record which is used to determine run or pass. The end foci point can be both plus or minus the start on either type of play.

What I have seen is that some defensive plays will blow up a forward handoff causing a fumble, but PMFB calls it an incomplete pass. This is sometimes taking advantage of the sim.

Also, why allow the run and pass to be both selected. I know recent additions to the game allow for an option by the QB which begs the allowance, but realistically the play using the option run is really a pass play to start.

Defensively it makes sense, but offensively it does not.

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Re: Comments and a request

The "Alt" key is used to move the Center in PMFB for Windows.  Sorry about the documentation - that too is now in a common file with special section for Mac, or Palm, or Windows-specific sections (like key combinations).  I have just not generated the Windows HTML from the file yet, but will ASAP.

The handoff instruction is a request I have heard a lot - both directly and indirectly.  I will find a way to get into an upcoming version.

As for categories, the entire file system is changing in the next version.  Among other things, you will be able to specify whichever categories make sense for you, and even eliminate the ones you do not use.

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