Uploading a Playbook

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Uploading a Playbook

I've never been able to figure out the steps for copying a pre-existing playbook (specificially the Sharks) so that My Team could use it.  I haven't had luck creating my own seperate team and playbook either, maybe their is a limit to one customized team perhaps?  If anyone knows how to copy a playbook for use on the Palm I would greatly appreciate the info, otherwise this is a great Palm football game! ;D

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Re: Uploading a Playbook

Actually there shouldn't be any problem with your team using the Sharks' playbook. You would just choose the Playbook first, then open your team AFTER selecting the playbook you want to use. Alternatively, you could create any playbook you wanted on the PC and then use the desktop convertor utility that ships with the palm version of PMFB and convert that into the palm format and then import it to your palm device.

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