WR's running the ball, DBs blitzing, etc

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WR's running the ball, DBs blitzing, etc

I read somewhere once that a player is best at what he is supposed to do, don't have your DL drop into coverage, make sure your QB makes most of your throws, KK does the kicking, etc.

It seems like to me, however, that some players are entirely too effective doing OTHER things.  Watching a WR carry a football 45X in a game with as few mistakes as a similiar iHB and the same average is borderline ridiculous.  Randy Moss would get killed if he tried to run the ball 10X in any game or tried to run the ball 1X between the tackles, the same goes for Marvin Harrison, a prime Jerry Rice and countless others.  What I would like to see is that the WRs have a significantly more difficult time running the ball than their HB counterparts.  They should be far easier to tackle and they should fumble way more when taking a handoff to offset the fact that they shouldn't be getting the ball that many times. 

On defense, 100 DBs have become the preferred player to blitz and they are fazing out DL and LBs.  I don't mind seeing DBs blitz but I think they should pay a higher price but unfortunately the ugly stepchildren of PMFB are offensive linemen and can't block them.  I think that when their speed can get them around OL, DBs should be just as effective, but once they get engaged, DBs should be manhandled by the supposedly bigger and stronger OL.

Ronde Barber is a very effective blitzer off the edge, as was Rod Woodson, but if they didn't get to the QB off their initial rush and got locked up by an OLineman, then their rush was pretty much ended.  I think PMFB should try to base these principals to the game.

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Re: WR's running the ball, DBs blitzing, etc

I think the problem with the DB's blitzing isn't with the OLinemen themselves...rather it is with the pass block command. I lined up a 500 point C against a 0 point DT. The pitchfork block constantly pushed the player out 5-10 yards before releasing him into the backfield. The regular block pushed him out 5-20 yards and then would release him. The pass block didn't release the defender, but the OLmen was in a constant state of backpeddling. It took the 0 point DT 4 seconds to reach the quarterback in a 5 step drop every time. In real life, the goal of the pass block is to push the player away from the quarterback, not hold him and get pushed back. Until things are changed, I may switch to a pitchfork or regular block for my pass protection. I agree with you that the DB's, LB's, and DL's need to be weighted somehow, because a CB and NT seem to have the same push-power against an OL.

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Re: WR's running the ball, DBs blitzing, etc

I really don't think WR run as effectively as a RB in PMFB. I used to design wish-bone or wing-T plays with a WR in the backfield and I couldn't prevent him from fumbling the ball regularly. But the RB are (too) good at catching pass: all RB can't bethe likes of  L. Tomlinson or B. Westbrook!!
I do agree the pass blocking assignement need work. Your OL seem blind: they drop back in pass protection and unless a defensive player bumps into them, they just stand around while your QB is pressured!! I also agree that DB can't line up in the middle of traffic to blitz as if they were DL or LB.

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Re: WR's running the ball, DBs blitzing, etc

DB blitzes are long time problem, and you are right, until the OL recognize them and "pancake" them for coming inside at all it's a problem.

As to the WR's running the ball it's a funny/sad situation.  WR's don't run the ball as well as HB's or FB's... but the problem is that a couple of the defensive commands are flawed.  The read RB and run rush both seem to ignore the WR when he's carrying the ball... so while the WR is not quite as effective, the defensive commands used to protect against the run are not as effective either.  Run rush and read RB should read off whoever takes the handoff in my opinion, no matter the position of the player.


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