Where do transcripts go?

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Where do transcripts go?

Ok, I have 4 mac's on my desk, and there are a variety of stuff going on with them.  I'll keep it simple.  One of them that's now running 2.4 insists on putting all the transcrips on the desktop.  How do I fix it so that they go in the locker room folder?  I have two machines working correctly, but who knows how.

Also, there appear to be some issues around transcrips from 2.4 being run through other stat programs that were optimized for 2.3. 



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Re: Where do transcripts go?

In version 2.4, the application looks for a folder named "Locker Room" in the same location as the application itself.  If it finds it, it puts transcripts there.  If not, it puts them on the desktop.  Perhaps we could make that a personal preference.

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Re: Where do transcripts go?

Now THAT would be awesome...for PMFB to have a folder selection option for transcripts!


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