Mac version in Yosemite (10.10.2)

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Mac version in Yosemite (10.10.2)

It had been a while and I was curious about good old PMFB. So I got things rolling here to log in and get the latest Mac version.
Download and installation was OK, was waiting to register it, but wanted to see what was up.
The game runs OK, but I cannot open any Teams or PBs. And yes, I am attempting to use those provided in the PMFB for OS X version 2.4.
Then I went to the forums to see if there was any discussion, and the latest post was a year ago!
So, what's up. Has everything migrated to hand helds?

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re: Mac version in Yosemite

There should be a conversion tool, Rick. Two tricks, however. You need to open both the team file AND the playbook (because they will become one file) and you need to make sure neither the team file nor playbook is password protected.

The converter "PMFB File" should be in the same folder as your new Playmaker Football 2.5 application.

Launch the Converter. Set it to "Convert Mac to *pmf". Select the team file and the playbook (make sure neither is password protected). Then tell it where you'd like the converted file to be output ... and hit the button.

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