iOS and the iPhone 6 broken

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iOS and the iPhone 6 broken

I have been a user of Playmaker Software for about four years now, primarily in the iPhone (I had it on the iPhone 4, and apart from the lag it was great). Two years ago I purchased an iPhone 5 and immediately downloaded Playmaker football because I love the app and noticed that it had not changed to fit the screen at all and it seemed as though the updates just halted. It worked well, decreased lag and it would only crash very seldom. Today, I purchased an iPhone 6 for my birthday. Excited to begin a new playbook and test out some new things I quickly downloaded the app only to realize that it crashes very frequently, deleting everything, making it unusable and ultimately, very very depressing because of any app, I spend the majority of my time on the Playmaker Football app. (It crashes instantly every time I change a team player attribute bar, save, then attempt to switch to any other feature. Also it will crash when I set up a formation to save, no routes or anything, then tap save). This is disappointing to say the least, and I beg any moderator or programmer for Playmaker who reads this post to bring out an update for the iPhone 6. Please.