QB movement

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QB movement

I would be possible for the QB to have additional movement after he gives the ball?
I.e. a QB faking a rollout pass or a keeper after the handoff.


Brian Brinkmann
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Re: QB movement

Good suggestion and it is on the list.

Dennis Daigle
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Re: QB movement

Other possibilities with this would include downfield plays such as the "hook & ladder" or faking a reverse and tossing it to the qb. The H&L would be an alternative to the last second bomb for qbs with minimal strength.

Dennis D

Dennis Monbarren
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Re: QB movement

I'd REALLY like to be able to run a true option. We're getting close with the QB zone read command.

Ideally, in a true option, there are three choices the QB can make - handoff to the dive man (generally the FB), keep it himself around end or pitch it wide to the HB. That really requires three reads.

1. Read the coverage on the hole for the dive man
2. Read the coverage wide and decide whether to keep the ball or pitch it to the HB.

Of course, to make the option to the dive man work, you have to follow through with the fake to drag the linebacker (or whoever has mirror on the quarterback) beyond the FB's hole.

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