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Introduction and questions


New to this site. I am a youth Varsity head coach (12,13, and 14 year olds). I am looking for a viable way to create my playbook and be able to disperse it to my staff and kids.

Is this software able to do such a thing? I know this site is for people to create and play one another but I am looking for what I mentioned above.

I am looking to create a no huddle up temple Inside/Outside Zone run scheme with the primary formations being Spread, Pro set and I formation. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Coach Barnes

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Welcome, advice

1) Don't hand a playbook to players; have them write it down themselves
2) Stick to spread; you don't have enough time or football fundamentals to run multiple personnel sets to their potential

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Yes, you could theoretically

Yes, you could theoretically use this program to diagram your plays and print them out.

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