UFL coaching opportunity

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UFL coaching opportunity

The Orlando Warhawks of the UFL have a great opportunity for a coach looking to prove or improve himself (or yes, even herself). The team needs a defensive coach to prep the team's defense for each game. This is a very low pressure opportunity. All I ask is 3 or more stops a game and if I get that and the team still loses it will all be on me. Even better this defensive squad is one of the league's most talented (arguably its most talented). But don't think that adds any pressure on you. The team sits in the league's toughest division that includes it's most recent champion. No defense is shamed for allowing a lot of points and yards. Finally I'll point out that the offense's goal is to control the clock and score every time it gets the ball and that's where my time will be taken up. Thus the need for a defensive coordinator.

So if you have any league experience at all and want an opportunity in a top notch league against some of its toughest teams, reply to this post and/or email me at kmenzies@juno.com.

I'll also consider candidates with a lot of PMFB experience who are eager to get into league action. After all, all I need are 3 stops a game right?