Registration won't save, transcripts aren't created!?

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Registration won't save, transcripts aren't created!?

I just downloaded the game again recently and got my key and can register the game just fine. However, the registration isn't being saved anywhere within the game. The next time I open the game, it is unregistered. I can register it again no problem but I would hope that I wouldn't have to keep doing it over and over every time I open the game.

I've also played some games between some of the existing teams and checked the transcript checkbox in the options. The documentation says the transcript will be in the Locker Room directory but it is never there. Has the location changed or is something not working right? What is the name of the transcript file? What is it's extension? Or is the registration issue causing the transcripts not to be saved?

If anyone can provide some help or assistance, it would be appreciated.

I am operating on a new Dell Inspiron 530. Core 2 Dual Processer E4600 2.40 GHz. 3.0 GB of RAM.

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Re: Registration won't save, transcripts aren't created!?

Version 2.3 is not a well-behaved Vista citizen.  It attempts to write registration data and transcript files in the public Program Folder subdirectories that Vista protects by default.  The v2.5 installer fixes this.  For v2.3, you can set the properties on the PlayMaker Football folder to allow all users to modify the content.  You can find this on the security tab of the Properties dialog.  Additionally, you should set that property on the Locker Room folder so that transcripts can be created.

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Re: Registration won't save

I'm having a similar issue with PMFB 2.5 on Windows 7 (32-bit). I copy the registration from the BEGIN CERTIFICATE to the END X509 CRL line, yet it still says Licensed to: Unregistered User (172). Consequently, I can't create teams, plays, etc.

Additionally, 2.3 worked great for several years on a Windows 2000 Server machine, till one day it began failing with the message:

"The procedure entry point InvalidateRecxx could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll." (where xx in InvalidateRecxx are two non printable characters)

I installed 2.3 on the Windows 7 (32-bit) machine and receive the same message. Any idea what the cause might be?

If neither of these this can be resolved, can I still get a Key Code for PMFB 2.2 ?


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