UFL/EFL Playbooks

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UFL/EFL Playbooks

Hello all,
I'm looking for playbooks from the UFL or EFL leagues. I understand those are the leagues most dedicated to realism, as is the playbook I'm working on now. Current/former coaches- would it be possible for you to send me your old playbooks? I just want to play my team against them, so it doesn't matter if they're password protected.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: UFL/EFL Playbooks

I've been at this quite awhile though I don't bother with leagues anymore. I try to match the various teams' offensive and defense strategies whenever possible, including formations, etc., and I appreciate your work on the team files. I can send along a couple of unlocked playbooks to you if you send your email address to me, CraigS24242@aol.com.

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