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Windows versions

Looking through here, I see some people talking about version 2.4, but all I can see on the PMFB site for download is 2.3 as far as Windows goes.  Are the 2.4 references in regard to Mac and they topic has spilled over into the Windows section, or is there some super-hush-hush 2.4 download that I need to know a secret handshake to get?

Also, does anyone know if I need to buy a second key in order to work on plays on a second computer?  Things are slow at work and if I could get a few plays made here, it would be nice, but the key I have doesn't work on the demo I DLed at work.  Do I need to buy a new key?

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Re: Windows versions

The Key SHOULD work as long as you're using the same version, platform and username when registering the program. Most likely it's one of those three areas that's hanging you up.

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