How good are the demo teams?

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How good are the demo teams?

I am on the verge of venturing out into the world  and trying my skills in an online league, but the fear of the unknown is getting the better of me.  So, for comparison, how should I be looking at the demo teams that are online?  Should I look to go almost 100% against them in order to get to .500 in an online league?  Or is the strength and diversity of the teams online a good barometer of the teams in general and the big difference with online is coaching skills and the fact that coaches will scheme against you?

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Re: How good are the demo teams?

Which demo teams do you mean?

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Re: How good are the demo teams?

If you're referring to the demo teams and playbooks that come with the game, well, they were pretty good in their day and any of the coaches who are still competing will likely be at the top of their game. If you can consistently beat them then you're likely ready to compete in almost any of the online leagues. They are a diverse group of books and to beat them would mean that you're able to adapt and gameplan. BUT...each online leage is different and to truly tell how you'd do in a given league you'd need to DL some playbooks from that league's archive and play against them. Remember though...things are VERY different when competing against a coach who is actively preparing against YOUR team.

In the end, the best advice I could give you would be to just take the plunge and join a league. So what if you don't a game in your first season or two? You'll learn a TON more than just doing it alone and'll pick up some nice draft picks along the way. ;)

Let me know if you need help choosing a league.

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Re: How good are the demo teams?

Also be aware that some of those demo teams are the farthest thing away from anything that looks like the football played in some of the leagues that desire a more realisitc style of play.

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