Matching coaches up with leagues

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Matching coaches up with leagues

I'm one of the league officers in the UFL (20 teams).  In the past we've been able to fill our openings very quickly but this season we've had a franchise open for close to 2 months.  I have noticed that a lot of leagues seem to be shrinking or closing up shop altogether, so I'm looking for new (or old) avenues for filling openings.  Our main "headhunter" Kevin Klemmer suggested that we check in with this message board to see if there was anyone out there interested in adding on a new team since it appears finding new coaches is harder and harder these days.

If anyone knows of someone that would be interested, please contact  For more information about the UFL, you can check out our website at  Some of our other coaches have participated in discussions on this website in the past, including Brian Smith, Marshall Wallace, Dennis Monbarren, and Ken Hall.  I'm sure if you had questions about the league, any of the four of them (in addition to yours truly) would be happy to provide feedback to see if it would be a good match. 

If there is a league out there with an opening of it's own, I might be willing to join in exchange for getting a quality coach into our league as well.

-David West