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George Nebesnik
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Some suggestions

I would like to make a few suggestions for PMFB.

What about OL stats?  Things like, key blocks, pancakes, sacks allowed.  These type stats could actually be kept for other positions as well.  It would be nice to see some numbers for blocking FBs, maybe it would raise their importance to the game a little more.

What about some sort of playmaker viewer?  Like a website where you can upload a couple of PBs then run your league games.  This way any coach can sign into the site and actually watch their game being run.  Kind of like a game room like all those yahoo games.  Not sure how to do this but it may help attract new coaches.

I thought I heard talk of single point abilities or all abilities being able to be increased or decreased in increments of 10.  Is this still in the works?

What about a slightly larger team file?  I would love to see seperate kickers and punters.  I would also like to see the ability to sub every player in the games team editor instead of needing a program for it.


Brian Brinkmann
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Re: Some suggestions


Good suggestions.  PlayMaker used to have a development effort to produce and host league sites.  But, with resources limited, and the availability of other capable league hosts (such as, those plans are on hold for the moment.  The focus is on features at the moment, but internet support is still on the list.  If I could find someone with some time to work on it, I would gladly spend some time transfering what I have so far.

Single points is still in the works and scheduled for the "near term" along with a much better file format that will - among other things - allow unlimited rosters and playbooks.  Your're right on target with that last one.


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