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Brian or others,

I am having trouble seeing what the defense keys on for determinig strong-side and weak-side.  Some times, what looks like strong-side is interpreted by the D as weak-side.  What do the key on?

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Re: Strong-side/Weak-side

I the manual it states what makes the differences:  The strong side is defined as that side of the offense which has the most eligible receivers lined up within 12 yards of either side of the center.  Receivers and backs lined up out near the sidelines are not considered.  In a standard offensive formation, the strong side is typcially the side where the tight end lines up.

That being stated sometimes if an offense comes out with even #'s within the parameters described above, the defense will choose strongside as the side with the most TE then RBs over the side with more WRs.  The 12 yards to either side of the OC means if you have guys lined way way out near the sideline then the game will ignore them and focus ONLY on the players in the 12 yard area.

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