OC vacancy in realistic rules league

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OC vacancy in realistic rules league

I am an origianal mamber of the EFL.  I am now looking for someone to cocoach with me.  i would like to remain GM [Im pretty good) and be DC but need someone to take the best player in the league, the leagues ONLY 100spd HB, and us from a perennial 6-6 widlcard to the AEGIS BOWL.  We have some of the best talent inthe league on both sides with great rivalries and matchups every week.  I guess Im saying I  dont yet heave the geturdun to be HC AND win the big game in playoff wk2 & 3, but I am fond of defence, with high marks in season performance in more than one league once or twice.  Centering my attention there while allowing someone with a fresh feel to take the offense, and Daniel Boeri, where he will, is what we need to take EFL11's Aeigis Shieldhome with us.   Contact me at szatchyurstat@yahoo.com

Here's a breakdown on our league:
Realistic Draft League Looking For More Coaches
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   The EFL http://www.pmfb.net/efl is looking for a few coaches to take over a couple of established franchises.
   The EFL attempts to play football as it's played in the real world - real football formations, real plays ... none of the football-as-pinball-game that you see in too many leagues where some of the shortcomings of the simulation are exploited ad nauseum. We draft and age players and are currently in our tenth season.
   If you'd like more information, contact commissioner Ken West kenfwest@earthlink.net or assistant commissioner Dennis Monbarren dennisdr@bright.net.
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    Re: Realistic Draft League Looking For More Coaches
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2006, 02:52:50 PM »  The EFL is a long standing league with a number of Hall of Fame coaches(btw, when will we have a PMFB HOF?)... and a very good style of play.  If you are a coach who likes tight rules and lower player abilities(rather than everybody being  100spd), the EFL is a great league to join.