how do the audibles work?

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how do the audibles work?

How do you call an audible when you run your team?
Are (and how often) the audibles calles during a computer run game?
On which criteria an audible is chosen (number of DL, uncovered WR.....)? Can you set in which situation an audible play must be run?
All these questions because I've never seen an audible being called during a game...
Thanks Félix

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Re: how do the audibles work?

It's my understanding that audibles only work in the coach mode of PMFB... IE they do not work in computer run games.

Isn't there a keystroke to audible then?


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Re: how do the audibles work?

Just from versioin 1.0 I remember in the handbook that there are 3 audibles that can be called for an entire playbook.  The way to call them is to make sure the automatic snap option is not clicked in the gamerunning options area and then before the offensive coach snaps the ball to press either 1, 2, or 3 (depending on which audibles you want).  And Ithink that is it.  Make sure you know what your 3 audibles (and that you set your audibles) are.

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