kick hang time?

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kick hang time?

Am I missing something? If a kicker who is capable of punting for 45y is given a command to punt a shorter range (say 30y), shouldn't the hang-time then change? It doesn't seem like the kicking team is able to down a ball any better with shorter ranged punts.

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Re: kick hang time?

I agree and I have some other problems with the kicking game. Why does the return man always run away from his blockers? The wall is on the left, so he runs right. Also, how does a kicker with the highest ability totals suddenly come up 20 yards short on a 40 yard field goal?

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Re: kick hang time?

He should have better hang time, but he doesn't, try moving the punter back additional yards, have him hang on to the ball an extra second or two and the coverage team will have much more time to get downfield.

You can actually diagram a returner's pattern on the CE, try giving him him a pattern to run followed by the 'get open' catch symbol and if he catches the ball without the coverage team too close he will follow the pattern and then head downfield once his pattern ends or he is tackled.

A great kicker not kicking well may have to do with the kicker's run up, perhaps it is not long enough or occuring too quickly (fast guy that is getting there before the ball is held.  Even the best kickers shank them every now and then but a solid kicking play can eliminate a lot of mistakes.

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Re: kick hang time?

Moving the kicker forward before the kick/punt seems to make the kick/punt go further, the same as it does for passes.


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