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Static Tournament

I'm going to be setting up a static tournament system with a revolving rules format.  Info is below and have some general questions for you guys at the bottom to finish up the details.  I will be willing to keep tournaments going as long as there is interest and participation.

Three types of rules:
[url=]Open with Catch on Defense[/url]
[url=]Middle-ground with No Catch on Defense[/url]
[url=]Strict with No Catch on Defense[/url]

General Information:
All games will be ran on PMFB version 2.4 for PC
Static Playbook (meaning one playbook will be used for the entire tournament)
Single Elimination Tournament with Random Seeding [How many here would rather a round-robin?]
Time to run the tournament will be based on number of teams (will be ran in less than a month regardless of how many enter)
Coaches will have the option to allow their playbooks to be distributed or not after the tournament (only those that allow their playbooks to be distributed will receive playbooks)

Entries should include the following information:
Team Name and name of Coach(es), Team File and Playbook attached, and whether you would like your files distributed after the tournament (any entry that doesn't specify will be deemed as non-distributable)


What point format would you like to see the teams use, one listed below or other?
Currently, I'm in favor of either 9,500 for the team with a Max of 450 per player and a minimum of 280 or 7,500 for the team with a Max of 400 per player and only 4 players may be under 200 points.

And how often should tournaments be held and which tournament should be held first and which second?  I'm currently thinking of every 2 or 3 months and middle-ground being first and strict being second.

First tournament will be in 2-4 months from now so final details can be listed, word can get out about the tournaments, and coaches will have the opportunity to create playbooks.  I would appreciate if coaches could help spread the word.

All questions, suggestions, complaints, and entries should be sent to [email][/email] though I will check this board frequently.  I will be willing to check playbooks once for rules violations up to a week before each tournament.

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Re: Static Tournament

Well I'd possibly be interested in Open with Catch on Defense.

The old GFL file format was:

Team files: 10,300/300
  10,300 maximum points
  300 per player minimum

and CIS used to have the "free subs rule".  I've played both formats in the past and liked them both.

How would you check for violations?

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Re: Static Tournament

Open with Catch on Defense.

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