iPad problem: it's tricky to NAME a play

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iPad problem: it's tricky to NAME a play

Consider this scenario: I load a formation. I add to it, to make a new play. I bring up the keyboard and rename the play. As I type the new name, I see my new name replacing the old name. BUT! If I forget to press the return key on the keyboard (which at this point has the helpful caption 'done'), then the play will be saved to the old name, overwriting the original formation.

I cannot understand why it is necessary to press the return key to set a name, but since it is, I should not be allowed to SAVE if I have typed new characters in the name field without pressing return. I made this mistake several times before figuring out what was wrong.

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Bug report

I would definitely consider that a bug -- a usability bug if nothing else. Thanks for reporting it. I'll pass it on to be fixed in the next release.

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