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George Nebesnik
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PC Utilities

I am looking for a list of all utilities available for the PC version of the game.  I know alot of these are either on playmaker.com or pmfb.net, but does anyone know of any utility programs that are not available on these two sites?


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Re: PC Utilities

All the PC utilities that I know of are:

Scout Pro 2 by Roger Carey
STATracker by Jason Barden
Playbook Ref+ by Neal Guye
PC Bench+ by Neal Guye
AI Tools by Michael Powell
Team Editor by Michael Powell
Team Maker by Jeffrey Stout (not released to the public)
Team Edit by an unknown author
Team File Viewer by T.Moriguchi (in Japanese)

Jeffrey Stout

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Re: PC Utilities

I have found Scout Pro, STATracker, PC Ref and Bench.  is there some place to download the others Playmaker and PMFB.net don't have them.

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Re: PC Utilities

I would be interested in getting these utilities...please help!

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Re: PC Utilities

Looking for the bench program if you can tell me where to get it.  I tried the pmfb.net site and it wouldn't download .

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