Ball height and ball speed

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Ball height and ball speed

I've always felt like ball height and ball speed (on passes) were key components missing from the game.  DLs never tip balls at the line on a quick slant pattern (unless they’re right in the QBs face), LBs never tip balls thrown over the middle and CBs never get a hand on the ball when trailing in tight coverage.  I think the concept of ball height with the added dimension of ball speed would really make things more realistic.  Bombs, slants, screens and outs are NOT all thrown the same way and players on defense do not just let the ball sail over their heads!  Seems like with the bigger screens computers have these days a window could be added for the extra dimension.  Thoughts?

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Re: Ball height and ball speed

I have always thought that we needed to take height into consideration.  A height, or size, stat would give us somewhere to start, and it sure would make the tall QB's seem better in some ways.  Ryan Leaf vs Doug Flutie so to speak. 

I think what ron says about the ball height is one of the biggest reasons to do this.  A ball coming low over the line should be tipped a lot, especially by DL who are reading.

Speaking of which, can we get a Read QB command?


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