Accurate Sync/Timed Patterns & At-A-Glance Color Coded Patterns

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Accurate Sync/Timed Patterns & At-A-Glance Color Coded Patterns

1. Syncing Passes to Patterns: In the real world, I'll have my WR's run a 3, 5, 7 or 15 yard pattern; in or out. The number of steps they'll take is equal to the time I need to hold the ball before passing. Can you make a VISUAL DISTANCE tool that, when measured from point A of a pattern to point B and or additional points, it will create DASH MARKS that are equal to running steps. Also, make the steps equal seconds. Why? This way when I tell my QB to hold the ball for THREE STEPS before passing, I can have a WR take only three steps for a HOT READ and it will allow for better real world QB/WR syncing of Passing-to-Pattern designs.

2. Color Combination within the same pattern for AT-A-Glance Recognition. On your pattern designing tool, can a straight line be ONE COLOR while any additional angle or directional change, within that same pattern equal a different color. This way we can have one pattern equal different assignments... We use green G for GO/9 routes. WR will run a hook, indicated by a black line, attached to it will be a Green line indicating that it actually a GO/9 route.