Hope for (old!) improvements!

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Hope for (old!) improvements!


The version I had played 10 years ago had "Instant replay" and the possibility to print statistics at the end of the game; possibilities that have disappeared today! It's like a "downgrading" instead of an "upgrading"!  Can we expect to have  these options back in a future version?

Thanks! : )

Eric Alvarez

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Re: Hope for (old!) improvements!

Instant replay is probably the first thing that should be addressed, as it's costing the sport coaches.  It was used by many hand prep coaches as a standard of how to prep, and now that is not possible.  Returning the instant replay and step functions would be a massive re-upgrade for the game.


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Re: Hope for (old!) improvements!

I'm using SnapzPro to capture game footage, and I'll be able to post the game film for everyone in the SPMFBL to watch.

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Re: Hope for (old!) improvements!

Agreed. Instant replay was nice. But even more important was step mode. Alot of coaches use scoutpro, but, the step feature was fantastic. I also used to like clicking on a player at any time to see who he was without automatically starting the play.

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Re: Hope for (old!) improvements!

Step mode is also fun to watch a QB get killed in slow motion :)

Winter Wolves
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Another old refinement would

Another old refinement would be the 44 man roster. Most coaches in the UFL use it or want access to it via another user. We are a developmental Football league like many leagues used to be and 30 players in file is inadequate and always has been.


Winter Wolves
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