Welcome to - home of PlayMaker Football, the best football simulation available anywhere. PlayMaker Football (PMFB) is also the longest running sports title for PCs. First published nationally in 1989, it has been downloaded and purchased by hundreds of thousands of fans, enthusiasts and coaches all over the world. Download a copy and try it out: diagram your own playbook, build a team, join a league and compete with friends around the globe.

*New: Personal Team Management is now providing a Beta tool allowing each registered user to manage a set of personal teams. Access this capability by logging in and creating a new team by selecting "New Team" from the new Teams section in the left column of the site. Let us know if you have any questions, comments or problems regarding this new tool.

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PlayMaker Football is on the iPhone

PlayMaker Football has been updated and adapted to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. This classic simulation has been updated and beautifully adapted to the hottest platform. If you've used other versions, you'll find all the familiar tools to design and test any play you can diagram. You'll also find a few new features like VCR controls to manage your replays. Visit the iTunes App Store and download it today. And, don't forget to give us a review.

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