If you would like to experience the ultimate thrill of being a PlayMaker Football™ coach you will want to participate in league play against other PlayMaker Football™ enthusiasts. Coaches all over the world participate in leagues through the Internet and many of the major commercial online services, such as America Online, EarthLink and others.

If you are unable to find a league to participate in, you can always form your own league. You can incorporate several teams into a mini-league and play a season, making sure to conduct all games the same way. Everyone participating in the league should agree to either have the computer coach all of the teams or to have the players call their own plays.

You should also decide ahead of time if you want to allow players to alter their playbooks between games, or use different versions of their playbooks against different opponents. If you allow playbook modifications between games, you should furnish each participant with statistics from the games, and if possible, game transcripts. These can be used to gain "scouting" information about the teams they are about to face.

Having the computer coach all of the teams comes in handy if you have friends or league members who live far away or can't be present when the games are played. All they have to do is send you their teams and playbooks.

If you are interested in additional PlayMaker Football™ teams and new opponents to play against, you might try signing up for one of the commercial online services or simply search the Internet for "PlayMaker Football." Many sites offer additional teams for downloading and feature PlayMaker Football™ leagues. Using the Internet, you will have access to many different PlayMaker Football™ leagues and coaches from across the world. The rules of play vary from league to league so you can match your coaching style to the rules of any leagues you join. If you have any trouble finding leagues to participate in, please contact support@playmaker.com for more information. You can also tap into the worldwide resources available by joining the PlayMaker Football™ mailing list or newsgroup. For more information about these services, please read the next chapter, PlayMaker Football™ and the Internet.